RVSM Product line for Hangar & Tarmac:
ADSE 743
the best pitot static tester
ADSE 735
Light and reliable pitot static tester
ADSE 745
multi channel pitot-static tester ADAPTORS
Static port and pitot tube adaptors
RVSM Product line for Workshop & Laboratory:
ADSE 740
rack version (Ps & Pt) Pitot Static Tester
ADSE 730
Pitot Static reader
CV 400
Vacuum chamber
Static port and pitot tube adaptors
Electrical testers for the Aerospace & Defense industries:
Aircraft Battery electrical tester
Milliohmmeter - Bonding tester
Pitot Static Services:
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Tracer Gas Leak Detectors :
ATEQ H6000 Hydrogen portable tracer gas leak detector for the aviation industry

Air data test set and

Aircraft ground support equipement

Pitot Static Testers
Electrical & battery testers
Tracer Gas Leak Detectors


For the past 15 years, ATEQ-OMICRON has been the specialist in high precision measurement and control systems for the aerospace and defense, automotive and medical industries.

35 years after its creation, ATEQ is now a $ 50 million company with offices in 22 countries selling and servicing more than 70,000 instruments installed in more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

From its position as the world leader in Leak Testing technologies for assembly lines, ATEQ has developed a whole range of industrial quality control equipment ranging from electrical testers to pressure and flow calibrators as well as pressure and flow calibration services traceable to all international standards.

Furthermore, ATEQ has now emerged as the world leading supplier of Pitot Static Testers for the aerospace, military, automotive and medical industries.

Reference customers include: Nasa, Airbus, Smith, Renault, EADS, Air Liquid, Zodiac / ECE, Valeo, Thales, Eurocopter, DGA french air army, Air France, Aeroflot, SMI / Koyo, Thomson, HPI / Koyo, Air Nostrum, ATR, Pilatus, Zodiac / Intertechnique, Brit Air, ...